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Licensed Counselor in Billings Montana

Sally Erickson Counselor Healing Winds Billings Montana 1
My name is Sally Erickson Rye, M.S., LCPC, BCPC.-- Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and I provide services through my private practice, Healing Winds Therapeutic Services. My office is located in Billings, Montana. I also provide services to clients in surrounding areas. I received my Masters Degree from Montana State University-Billings, and practiced at a residential treatment center for ten years -- with troubled youth and families, before deciding to reach out towards a larger community population. I am especially interested in work with past and current trauma -- working with adults and children. I am able to offer EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), through EMDRIA, as a preferred therapeutic intervention.
I enjoy working with people of varied abilities, economic conditions, ages, and belief systems -- individuals, couples, and families. My focus in working with clients is to provide an environment of safety and comfort, nurtured through informed therapeutic interventions and experienced compassion. Some clients come in knowing exactly what they would like to talk about and the work they would like to do; while others need the confidential time and relaxed space from within which to think, share, quietly reflect, and to explore different options and outcomes. Communication strategies are of high priority -- learning to understand the nature of effective and satisfying communications, so that meanings can be more accurately stated and received, and so that each person finally feels heard.

My work is informed through a rich variety of life experiences, a life-long love of reading and studying people -- why people make their choices, and the outflowing implications for themselves and others. Kindness, extended love, respect, and compassion are of the highest value for me, as I work with my clients. I believe in change, acceptance, and working through individual strengths -- with gratitude for life and all that is offered. I continue to learn, with each of my clients, and am fortunate to maintain a healthy handle on humiliy and hope. I thank each one who stands behind me and beside me in this journey of life.